Wazuh: Your Open-Source shield against cyber threats

Open-source flexibility

Wazuh offers a transparent and customizable solution, allowing organizations to tailor their security infrastructure to their specific needs.

Log Analysis

Wazuh systematically analyzes log files from various sources, helps identify problems, and provides insight into the operational status of IT environments.


Wazuh integrates seamlessly with a wide range of security and monitoring tools, enabling a coherent and centralized security strategy.

File integrity monitoring

Het bewaakt continu de integriteit van kritieke systeembestanden en waarschuwt voor ongeautoriseerde wijzigingen die beveiligingsrisico's kunnen vormen.

Endpoint security

It continuously monitors the integrity of critical system files and warns of unauthorized changes that may pose security risks.

Intrusion Detection

The system actively monitors network and system activity, warning of suspicious actions and helping to detect breaches early.

Vulnerability detection

It identifies known vulnerabilities in installed software and helps teams proactively mitigate security risks.

Compliance monitoring

It supports organizations in maintaining compliance with various industry and regulatory standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Cloud security

Wazuh provides comprehensive security features for cloud environments, allowing organizations to effectively protect their cloud resources from threats.

Active response

Wazuh can be configured to automatically respond to certain security incidents, minimizing the impact of a breach.
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